From historic resorts and hotels to restaurants, cafés, shops, and spas, the firm brings its contextual sensitivity to each project. Be it a National Trust site or an upscale bistro in a historic district, each is treated with a level of respect and care rarely found in the design field. Elevating the Human Spirit is the heart-felt aspiration of the Hospitality Studio. Nowhere is this endeavor more immediate than in our work for the hospitality industry which seeks to entertain and nurture guests by providing them with an unparalleled experience. As designers, we support our clients by creating the stage for elegant events and fine dining. We aspire to create sumptuous guest rooms and tranquil spas to assuage the stresses of life.

We are guided by our unique contextual design approach which requires us to first gain a significant understanding of the history and culture of a site before developing designs. The design actually grows from the knowledge gained during this examination and assures that each design is as unique as the individual hotel or home. You’ll find no rubber-stamp designs at Glavé & Holmes; rather, you will encounter expert storytellers who use design, art, signage, and branding to convey exciting stories for our clients. We invite you to experience our unique approach as we discover and share your distinct story.