Glavé & Holmes performed a historic structures report in 2017 for the historic monastic complex known as Richmond Hill. This report has begun a restoration of the organization’s 42,000-square-foot building and its surrounding 2.1-acre campus in Richmond, Virginia.

Richard Adams House, Monte Maria Convent, before 1893.

45.15.267 Monte Maria Convent between 21st and 22nd - Valentine Collection

The hill-top location, first developed in the 1780s, became the site of several architecturally significant houses. These were adapted in the 1860s as a school and convent operated by the Catholic Sisters of the Visitation. After years of occupation and several building campaigns, including construction of a chapel and dormitory, the sisters moved to a new location, providing an opportunity for the ecumenical Richmond Hill community to purchase and thoroughly rehabilitate the complex and its walled garden.

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