Glavé & Holmes Architecture would like to congratulate Kevin Svensen who completed the Emerging Leaders in Architecture (ELA) program this year.

Kevin and other participants of the 2016 AIA Virginia’s Emerging Leaders in Architecture program tackled the issue of low-income communities with limited access to healthy food, also known as “food deserts.”

Through meetings with numerous local Richmond groups, they have seen that food deserts are a systemic problem in Virginia’s capital city that require a multifaceted approach rather than a targeted solution. Their project, Closing the Food Gap: Grow. Learn. Share., doesn’t attempt to solve food disparity through access alone, but rather is a series of insertions that provide, educate, and engage the communities for which they serve. The group presented their findings at Architecture Exchange East.

Glavé & Holmes has benefited greatly from Kevin’s involvement with ELA, and our team is excited to learn more from his experience. G&HA has had seven other members of the firm complete the program in previous years. For more information about the Emerging Leaders in Architecture program, visit AIA Virginia.