Glavé & Holmes Architecture is pleased to announce Kevin Svensen, Smitty Lynch, and Stephen Hershey have all received awards from the AIA Richmond Chapter.

IMG_1409Kevin Svensen, RA, earned the Richard L. Ford Jr. Award. This is considered the Chapter’s highest award presented to a young architect, associate member, or intern. It is given in honor of one of the Chapter’s leading and skillful mentors, Richard L. Ford, Jr. FAIA. Kevin has been given the award by the Chapter Board, based on nominations by the Honors Committee, as a person who has demonstrated vision, passion, and excellence to the design community.

Smitty Lynch, ASAI, Associate AIA, and Stephen Hershey, Associate AIA, both earned Alice Lehman Sunday Prize awards. Smitty received an Honor Award in the Sketch category for his drawing of Tryon Palace in New Bern, North Carolina. Stephen received a Merit Award in the Construction Documents category for his drawing of the new Admissions Office at Longwood University and an Honor Award in the Presentation category for his watercolor of a Garden Temple. Entries were judged on the ability to clearly and efficiently communicate information to an audience.

As part of the 2016 Architecture Week, all three individuals were honored at the AIA Richmond Honors and Awards event at the Branch Museum of Architecture and Design on Thursday, April 14.



Tryon Palace – Smitty Lunch

Alice Lehmen Suday Prize_Construction Documents_Page_1

Admissions Office – Stephen Hersey

Garden Temple_SHershey

Garden Temple – Stephen Hershey