Glavé & Holmes Architecture has been named a 2016 Palladio Award winner for the design of the new Christopher Newport Hall at Christopher Newport University. The Palladio Awards are a national program that honors outstanding achievement in traditional design. Recognized for their work in the New Design & Construction category (more than 30,000 square feet), Glavé & Holmes was one of only 12 architectural firms in the country honored by the 2016 Palladio Awards Program.

Christopher Newport Hall brings together the resources crucial to the success of each student’s collegiate experience. Initially conceived to improve student academic success and retention, the building also serves as the symbolic and formal nucleus of the campus. The building contains approximately 82,000 square feet of student services areas, offices, meeting rooms, and presentation venues on four floors.

The building architecture is a continuation of the refinement of the Neo-Classical Collegiate style instituted on campus beginning in the early years of this millennium. As the east terminus of the Great Lawn and positioned to be the most honorific building of campus, the classical order employed is the Corinthian, a step up from the Tuscan, Doric, and Ionic orders employed in previous structures contributing to the Great Lawn aesthetic. Christopher Newport Hall is the “jewel in the crown” for the University.

The Palladio Awards are sponsored by Traditional Building, which is published by Restore Media, LLC. The Awards are named in honor of Andrea Palladio, the Renaissance architect who created modern architecture for his time while using models from the past for inspiration and guidance. This is the second Palladio Award Glavé & Holmes has received, winning one in 2011 for the Carole Weinstein Center at the University of Richmond.