For our third Industry Partner Spotlight, we are focusing on some of the gorgeous fabrics that will be used in the master bedroom at the Richmond Symphony Orchestra League Designer House. G&HA is pleased to be working with Yves Delorme and F. Schumacher Fabrics to help give the room its cozy, luxurious feel.

F. Schumacher Fabrics
From the company’s start in 1998, F. Schumacher has been bringing elegance to homes and other interiors through their commitment to textile design and quality. They pride themselves on being the only supplier of ornamental textiles from the 19th century that is still privately owned by decedents of the founder. Their textile expertise is not stylistically limited – they produce beautifully crafted products in a variety of styles and designs. These exquisite textiles have been put to use in a myriad of esteemed residences, including The White House and The Chambers of the US Supreme Court. F. Schumacher’s extensive selection of fabrics enabled G&HA’s designers to find the perfect textiles to compliment the master bedroom’s overall aesthetic, such as the aquamarine window treatments. Inspired by Mary McDonald’s love of Chinoiserie, this finely woven linen print is derived from an antique Chinese painted silk mural panel.


Yves Delorme
What better to complete the look of a room than bed linens? G&HA’s designers chose to make use of Yves Delorme’s stunning Walton collection. The main section of the items is a pure white fabric, enclosed by a criss-cross “Venetian” inserted hemstitch, which is then followed by a generous flounce of either nacre or silver sateen cotton. The international company has been family owned for more than 150 years and is considered to be one of the most prestigious brands in France. They are renowned for their fashion prints, which are inspired solely by original artwork, and for their classic pieces that are considered by many to be timeless. Our team will also be using the Triomphe throw in “figue.” These linens are the perfect touch to any room and provide a sense of serenity.