The Glavé & Holmes team had a great time at both the Virginia Association of Museum’s Annual Conference and the North Carolina Museum Council’s Annual Meeting. While networking with professionals and sitting in on various sessions, we compiled a list of the top 10 quotes that may have raised eyebrows…

“You don’t happen to have a structural engineer, do you?”
– Su Thongpan, Accountant with Virginia Association of Museums, after the VAM conference was moved out of the planned exhibit hall following a different group’s party the night before. What a miraculous recovery and adaptation by VAM staff!

“If you want to get money, ask for advice. If you want to get advice, ask for money.”
– Allan Burrows, President of Capital Development Services, at the NCMC Director’s Forum sponsored by Glavé & Holmes Architecture on philanthropy and the importance of having the right approach.

“Public’s trust is the coin of the realm for museums.”
– Eric App, Director of Museum Operations at the Museum of the Confederacy, quoting Ford Bell at the annual VAM Leadership Program, sponsored by Glavé & Holmes Architecture.

“In the last funding cycle, there were 26 non-profit (entities) that received funding, this time there were only four.”
– Stephen F. Saucier, Executive Director for NC Grassroots Science Museums Collaborative, on the challenging environment in the NC legislature and their successful efforts to retain a block of funding for a consortium of 34 museums across the state of North Carolina.

“You should write on all your paintings.”
– Gregg Horner, Special Agent with the FBI Art Crime Team, at the VAM Keynote Presentation on his career discovering lost art and how physical evidence has helped them recover stolen items.

“Carry around the wish list of opportunities in your pocket.”
– Dr. Betsey Bennett, Strategic Counsel at Capital Development Services and former Director of the NC Museum of Natural Sciences, at the Director’s Forum at NCMC on being prepared to respond to unexpected development opportunities at your museum.

“Beauty is an essential human need.”
– Steven Blashfield, Cultural Studio Director at Glavé & Holmes Architecture, quoting Charleston Mayor Joseph P. Riley, Jr., on why you need to fight for protection of the most important aspects of your facility in his session “Five Ideas Every Museum Professional Should Know.”

“Unfortunately, this is my last conference in the state of North Carolina.”
– Kyle Bryner, Registrar and Collections Manager at the Wake Forest University’s Museum of Anthropology and Vice President of NCMC, announcing her upcoming move to the Museum of the Shenandoah Valley in Winchester, Virginia. Are you paying attention, Virginia?

“There is no pain, like a campaign.”
– Allan Burrows, President of Capital Development Services, quoting Wendy Block, wife of former NC State Senator Franklin Lee Block.

“What a gift.”
– Unknown voice in the crowd, remarking on the beauty of Mt. Vernon during a night time VAM Conference visit after a fresh snow.