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Interior design and decorating should not be about creating a space that reflects the designer/decorator’s personal style/tastes.  Nor is it just about incorporating all of the latest design trends. It should be about creating a space that reflects the client, and the story that they would like others to perceive when they walk in their door.

Often, the client is unsure as to what kind of story they would like to tell…and that’s where we come in. We can help them develop their personal style and show them how to add in the details that make the space on trend, but not trendy. We, as designers and decorators, will help develop their story, through their home or business, just as one’s fashion style can portray one’s story through their clothes, shoes and accessories.

In partnership with a hospitality client, we created a hotel lobby that would subtly honor the longstanding history that this grand hotel holds, while embracing its ever steady climb towards the future. The beauty of this hotel is its ever visible celebration of nature and love for the people who have graced it over the years, whether by visiting as a guest, or entering into the service of those guests.

Glave and Holmes, Hotel & Home Studio, Hospitality Lobby

 This same story continues into guest rooms with the use of colors, artwork and custom crafted items inspired by nature.

Glave & Holmes, Hotel & Home Studo, Hospitality Presidential Suite

Glave & Holmes, Hotel & Home Studio, Hospitality Sunroom

Glave & Holmes, Hotel & Home Studio, Hospitality Bath Detail

From start to finish, this residential project allowed us to help the client tell a story that included a realization of the desire for details and craftsmanship not often seen in new construction in this day and age. Thought and care were put into every design aspect of this private home, from the detail of adding linen fold panels and iron straps into the front doors, to creating a wine cellar that allows them to wind down a spiral staircase, away from the troubles of the day, and into a sanctuary of cool temperatures and beautiful bottles of wine waiting to be enjoyed with friends.

Glave & Holmes, Hotel & Home Studio, Hospitality Foyer

Glave & Holmes, Hotel & Home, Hospitality Wine Cellar

What kind of story can we help you tell?

Shawna Schmidt
Shawna Schmidt Glave & Holmes, Hotel & Home
Project Manager